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Dear Partnership Supporter,

Since 1997, the Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education has played a leading role in educating consumers about food safety. Together with our national, regional and local partners, Partnership messages of clean, separate, cook and chill are reaching more Canadians than ever before.

Driven by talented and dedicated volunteers, the Partnership (an independent not-for-profit organization) has created tools and resources to help consumers, seniors, school-aged children and the general public enjoy their food safely. All our materials, including the popular FightBAC!® program, are designed to educate Canadians about their food safety responsibilities.

Our successes have been many. We have created media campaigns that have reached millions through TV and print. We have delivered over half a million food safety tools (including fridge thermometers, magnets and brochures) to consumers. We have become a resource for media and have built a reputation as a leader in food safety knowledge. We have brought together a wide range of associations and groups all committed to food safety education. The Partnership is viewed by international peers as a shining example of how government, industry and consumer groups can work together.

As much as we have accomplished, much work has yet to be done. The Partnership is focused on new opportunities for the future and wants to do more to help Canadians understand that food safety is everyone's responsibility. Support from our members allows us to build on past accomplishments and find new ways to connect with consumers.

I hope you will consider joining the Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education. Your membership is a visible and cost-effective way to show your interest and dedication to the health and well-being of Canadians. With your support, we can reach out to more Canadians with our clean, separate, cook and chill food safety messages.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Brenda Watson, P.Ag.
Executive Director